12 Ways to increase real site traffic

12 Ways to increase real site traffic

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Increasing the actual site traffic is one of the most critical issues that all webmasters should pay special attention to. In fact, if you are an online business owner, you should always look for a way to increase your site traffic. It does not matter what kind of service or product your site offers its users.

Increase real site traffic and improve online business

A critical point you should always pay attention to is that even if you follow all the technical topics. Including a beautiful appearance, principled coding, and high security in the site’s design. As long as your site does not have good traffic, it can not get you to Reach the right level of income.

Examining the many online businesses that fail, we find that the main reason for the failure and failure of many websites and online businesses is the lack of good traffic. A site that is not adequately visited is not seen by a wide range of Internet users. The administrators of these sites are unsuccessful in increasing the actual traffic to their sites and can not provide relevant and targeted traffic to their sites daily.

In this article, we intend to help you improve your internet business by introducing easy and free methods to increase the actual site traffic. If adequately observed, each of these methods, which is more in content production and expectation, can increase your site traffic. If you feel your site does not have a lot of traffic despite your hard work and spending a lot of money, follow this article.

1- Production of appropriate content

The first step to increasing site traffic is to generate content and write articles that can attract many users in your field. Many webmasters mistakenly think they can improve their site traffic just by writing many pieces in their field. It is a misconception to increase site traffic just because you have a lot of pages and links!

You need to write an article that is very popular and searched by many users. For this purpose, you should first find the words and phrases that are very popular with users and are searched by many people every month and write new and exciting articles about them.

You can use tools like Google Trends and Keyword Planner to find the most searched words and phrases. There you can find highly searched terms and post-related articles on your site.

After writing the article, it is time to apply the steps related to SEO and optimization so that the article has a good position and ranks in Google and other search engines. In the same way, you can multiply your site traffic.

Content production is one of the most essential branches of digital marketing science, which is called content marketing, which is very important in branding and improving online business.

Production of appropriate content

2- Increasing the speed of the site

A significant and critical factor in increasing the actual site traffic is the high speed of that site. Site speed plays an essential and fundamental role in SEO and the sense of users’ satisfaction with the site. Research has shown that most users do not wait for sites that load more than 8 seconds and leave the website quickly. This time even reaches 5 seconds on mobile. So it is natural that every webmaster, to be able to keep both the current users of his site satisfied and to be successful in attracting new users, should consider all the essential points about increasing the site speed and solving problems and Existing shortcomings to act.

Increasing the speed of the site

3- Activity in social networks

The importance of social networks is not hidden from anyone today. Tens of millions of Iranian users use applications such as Telegram and Instagram daily. Proper operation of these networks is another way to increase site traffic. You can use these networks to make your site and brand more visible.

One of these methods is sharing all the content and articles you put on your site. For example, when you publish an interesting article on your site, you can share the introduction on the site’s telegram channel and put the site link at the bottom. By publishing this post in different groups, you will encourage many people to enter the site and read that article. This issue also has a significant impact on SEO.

Another way is to attract many users and audiences to your dedicated page to get acquainted with your online business by posting attractive images and content on Instagram and Telegram and generating unique content that is not on your website. Combining text with images or audio files in Telegram and using sharp photos and videos on Instagram can effectively attract the audience.

Activity in social networks

4- Adding a subscription option on social networks

One of the valuable ways to increase the site’s actual traffic, which makes the site’s articles and content better, is to add the option of sharing on social networks. On many websites (including the bottom of this article), you must have encountered possibilities for sharing content on networks such as Telegram and LinkedIn. Once your article is liked by a user, they will likely want to share it with their friends. Putting this tool at the bottom of the articles will help more people get acquainted with the site content and attract more users.

5- Production and publication of e-books

Creating and publishing multimedia files such as e-books is very easy. You can print the same articles that you post on your site, which are of great value to you, in the form of e-books on the Internet. You can upload these books to bookmaker sites with many daily users. These users get acquainted with your site by downloading and reading these books and sending them to their friends.

On the other hand, people who like your e-book publish this book on the site and even on their social networks and applications, which means more users! The important thing is that your e-book contains a beautiful theme and content, and at the same time, it is valuable and useful to be distributed among many users. In the same way, many people come to your business and enter your site.

Production and publication of e-books

6- Production and publication of video

Video has always been the most famous content format on the Internet, and in terms of impact on the audience, it is not comparable to any other type of content. You can easily convert your articles to video and increase the actual traffic to your site by publishing them on video-sharing sites like YouTube. People on these sites are always looking to watch new videos, and if you like your video, they may share it on their channel.

You must use video creation software such as Camtasia or SnagIt and talk on your video with a simple microphone.

You should pay attention to completing your profile on video-sharing sites and be sure to put your site address in the channel. The audience attracted to your video quickly enters your channel, clicks on the site address in the medium, and enters the site. This is one way to bring real and guaranteed traffic to your site.

Production and publication of video

7- Production and publication of audio files

Creating and publishing audio files such as podcasts is easy. You can quickly put an article you have already written into an audio file, even with your mobile phone. In addition to publishing it on your site, you can also post it on audio-sharing sites.

These sites also have many users, and your attractive podcast can increase the actual site traffic. In addition, some websites put audiobooks on their site for free download.

Production and publication of audio files

8- Guest posts and publishing articles on other sites

As mentioned, content is at the forefront of the Internet. Producing quality content that is valuable to users is not easy, and many sites are incapable of doing so. Such sites are very willing to use quality content on your site. Such content is called a “guest post.”

There are many sites on which you can write an article as a guest author and promote your website among them. Note, however, that you should not do this directly. Just put the site address in your profile.

You can also put your site link in the profile signature section by working in various forums and posting many posts. This way, many people get acquainted with your site and click on the link to enter your website.

There are other sites whose activity is to republish articles from other sites. You can quickly and for free publish your site articles within these sites to get more views. You can easily find such sites with a simple search on search engines like Google.

9- Cooperation in selling products and services

One of the best ways to increase your actual site traffic is through sales collaboration. By setting up a sales collaboration system for your site, you can increase site traffic several times. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, sales collaboration is not limited to selling physical goods but can also be beneficial for digital products and Internet services.

Any internet business you have can use the sales cooperation system and increase the popularity and traffic of the site many times over. If your site is engaged in the production and sale of audiobooks and eBooks, the sales collaboration system can attract many marketers to your site. In this case, even if you consider the maximum profit for marketers, you will still get a lot of profit. For example, if you set a 70% profit as a commission percentage, many marketers will be persuaded to work with you and send more buyers to your site. Since your product is electronic, you will not lose anything, and as more users become familiar with your site, your profit will also increase.

Cooperation in selling products and services

10- Building a mobile application

In recent years, the number of mobile users on the Internet has been increasing day by day. Creating an Android and iOS application for the site can attract many users over a long period and increase site traffic. Today, with the help of technology, building mobile applications has become much more accessible than ever. You can even turn your audiobooks and eBooks into simple apps and place them for free in stores. These stores also have many users who can quickly increase your site traffic. This way, any mobile application can have a section called About Us. In this section, you can put the description and address of your site; through this, you can make many people familiar with your online business.

11- SEO

SEO and optimization are the best ways to increase the actual and targeted traffic to the site. Improving the site’s position in Google and other search engines allows you to have quite helpful visits. To do this, you must select your keywords and phrases and then leave everything to the first click.

An essential point to consider is that the future of SEO is based on relevant and unique content. All the algorithms of Google and other search engines are based on this and are being updated. So the primary basis for improving the position in search engines is to write relevant articles based on these phrases and keywords.



12- Foreign advertising

Another method that can bring you a lot of returns in the short term is to use click-through ads such as ads on Google, banner ads, or backlinks and reporting. As it turns out, the disadvantage of this method is its high cost. But it must be acknowledged that no successful business can be found without proper investment in its advertising. Principled advertising can significantly impact your online business and make you go through a hundred years overnight.

Many users of different sites will see your attractive advertisement and click on it. If your service, product, and content are liked by these people, the user-to-customer conversion rate on your site will increase tremendously. Of all the click-through methods, Google Ads has the highest value. Because only users enter the site this way, who are looking for the desired topic.

Final point

Each of these activities alone can increase your site traffic many times over. Whatever your site’s subject, you can use all of the above methods to increase traffic to your site.


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