12 ways to improve the customer experience

12 ways to improve the customer experience

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Customer experience is a perception and experience that customers will ultimately influence their judgment and perception of your collection brand.

How to improve the customer experience for the online store? In the following, we want to talk about improving the customer experience.

Improve the customer experience for the online store

There are many ways to increase the customer base for those who want to sell their products online. It can be said that the customer experience is the perception and feeling that customers have of your brand and all stages of their purchase.

Here are 12 ways to increase the customer experience for online retailers and make them buy goods online. Customer experience is a perception and experience that customers will ultimately influence their judgment and perception of your collection brand.

As you know, consumers have more access to different stores and supermarkets to buy. If you have an online business and want online shoppers to purchase from you, you should have new solutions and ideas to attract customers to your online store as soon as possible. And create a fresh, good, pleasant, and easy experience for your dear customers.

If you follow the 12 methods we recommend, more customers will buy from you and come to you again for subsequent purchases and tell their friends and other families. Of course, we have already explained this more and more comprehensively in the article What is conversion rate optimization?

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Make sure your site loads quickly on your computer and mobile phone

The danger of not having a valuable and capable competitor threatens you. It is a button that the user can not enter the site and hit back. If your site loads too slowly, customers will not wait and go to another store.

Try to load your store website in less than a few seconds. Users should be careful not to forget mobile because research has shown that nearly two-thirds of users use mobile phones as the primary means of Internet access.

As a result, those who want to start an online business should consider mobile applications in all aspects of their customer relationship, from surfing the Internet to online shopping for online advertising, which usually attracts users to well-known and reputable brands.

Today, Internet customers read the information they need with the click of a mouse or the touch of a tablet or mobile phone, while sellers have only a few thousandths of a second to get their attention to buy products and make a transaction.

Note that Internet business owners need to optimize their websites from time to time to retain customers. They guarantee with the device he uses.

Business owners should navigate the site and not forget the search bar

Internet customers should easily search a website and go to different sections. Ensure that any clicks and features of unnecessary tools, such as auto-navigation, are limited so that users are not uninterested and unmotivated. It is still a forgotten part of the site for the customer.

While providing an easy way to get the customer to the content they want. Also, the phrases that users search for and the result they get provide us with feedback on their behavior that we can use to create a personalized experience in the future. In other words, by monitoring the user’s behavior and searching for them, we understand their purpose and what they want from them. We can benefit from the customer experience in the future.

improve the customer experience

Keep in mind that a good picture may be better than a thousand words

Do not underestimate the power of quality photos and images of products. Some internet business owners think well-known products and goods are high-level and no longer need to be seen and heard. They do not just look at them as a helpful tool to identify the product they are looking for.

Most of the time, high-quality images of products and goods give the buyer and users the feeling that they are in a store and are touching that product. By using quality images of products, the experience and purchase for customers as much as possible take on the color and smell of reality.

Content should have quality.

In the case of online businesses, the less quality your website content is, the better the experience. The text and content of additional images and videos usually fill the screen quickly for the customer and make the overall experience unpleasant in the customer’s mind. At the same time, it may distract customers from shopping in general.

high quality content

Use customer feedback on your website.

Note that customer feedback is often more reliable than the content used to advertise an online store. So let customer feedback be on your site and let others use it. Brands can dramatically improve their customer experience.

It is better to display customers’ opinions about your products on your website and mobile applications. According to statistics, about 80% of customers read the views of other users and customers when buying a product.

Try to use the psychology of colors.

When designing your website, pay special attention to the psychology of colors. Be sure to use green for the pay button. Green is allowed to be found, just like a traffic light, and positively impacts customers’ minds.

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Inform customers about the products on the products page.

Note that if you are selling a product with a physical presence, inform your customers on the product page and explain the specifications of your products to them. But if you do not currently have the effect in stock, mention the date. It will be available on your website on the product sales page. Nothing is more frustrating than spending time in cyberspace looking for the product you want and finally realizing that the product is unavailable. It will be sent to you whenever available or possibly delivering that product. There is no place for you.

Make it easy to communicate with you and send a quote to the customer

Remember that customers are usually a little impatient and lose patience when looking for your contact number, address, and email, and if the customer spends time looking for something to find. It takes a few seconds to waste the customer’s mental image of your business suddenly disappearing, and they can no longer trust you.

If you want your customer to call you at a specific time, make your contact number available to the customer in several steps. If your customer wants to register on the site and become a member or send you their suggestions and criticisms, make it easy for the user.

Provide live chat for the customer

Provide live chat for the customer.

One of a website manager’s best and most essential tips to improve the Internet customer experience is to enable online chat simultaneously, such as crisp. This way, your customers can communicate with you and ask you any questions they may have online.

No need to bother calling or waiting for an email response. Live chat can provide online business owners with product feedback, prices, and website performance.

Have a separate page for user questions or product training

Statistics have shown that many customers have requested that they want to have problems with the product or service they have received and know how to work and adjust them. More than two-thirds of customers say they feel good about the company and themselves when they can answer a question or fix a problem without talking to the customer relationship unit.

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Simplify the payment gateway and let the customer save the purchased products.

One of the most important things most online retailers do is simplify the shopping cart process. People pay you to buy goods, so you have to make it easy to pay and the payment process easy.

Have free door-to-door shipping.

With free shipping, customers no longer have to worry about the shipping costs of their purchased products. Free shipping makes online shopping more transparent, and customers will be more satisfied with their shopping experience.

You can buy website traffic, focus on user engagement, optimize on-page and off-page SEO, and leverage social media channels to reach a wider audience.

What else do you think needs to be done to improve the customer experience?


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