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What is IP, and what is its use?

Get to know the uses of IP.

Many of us have heard of IP or Internet Protocol, but we have no idea what it is and how it works. It may not be necessary to understand this issue, but it helps to understand this structure and application better, which is why they named it the Internet.

An IP address is more profound than the internet and computer programs, and your and my IP address create a more extensive network that makes a chain possible and can be an internet network or software.

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Imagine not having the Internet and only having two separate systems and computers, and you want to connect these two devices. You need two different IPs for this. For example, imagine the IP of your computer and the IP of your friend’s computer. Now, if we consider this situation, we have an internal network from the connection of two IPs, and if they are higher and with longer distances, the networks are more extensive.

In this case, all of their IP addresses are separate and unique. With this reasoning, we can say that an IP address is a concept and application more than the Internet, and its nature is similar to a network.