Robots.txt generator

The robots.txt is a text file in the root of the website that lets search engines know which pages of the website they are allowed to crawl and which pages they are not allowed to crawl. Seovisitor provides a tool to create the code you need in your website’s robots file and copy it with just one click.

User-Agent code

This code determines the type of search engines, and it is better to set it to star (*) to select all search engines.

user-agent: *

Disallow code

With the help of this command, you can determine which parts of the website should not be checked and crawled by search engines. For example, if you want the panel section of your website not to be indexed in Google, use the following piece of code:


If you plan to have folders to protect your website from Google’s review, write each folder’s name in the input box below.

Allow code

Google and other search engines usually check all the website pages. Their activity has a structure similar to the following code for blog:


If you want to emphasize that certain parts of the site must be crawled by Google, write the names of those sub-categories in the input box below.

Sitemap code

One of the options that can make your website’s links better known to Google is to create a proper sitemap and place the site’s links in it. So, you should add the sitemap address in the robots file.

Create the final “robots.txt” codes

After specifying the above, the “robots.txt” codes will be generated by clicking the “create codes” button. You can copy these codes to your website’s robots file by clicking the “clipboard to copy” button.

Final codes:

What is a Robots.txt file?

Usage of the robots file in SEO

Robots.txt is a text file for executing commands to search engine robots. The work of this file is to customize, review, and index the website’s pages. People who own sites or web admins use this file to display and SEO their sites in search engines.

The robots.txt file shows a part of the “Rep protocol” that communicates essential instructions to the reader, and their absence causes many problems for the website. Of course, note that writing this file must be done professionally. Otherwise, it can lead to removing the site from the results.

Robots.txt file generator

Reasons for using the robots.txt file generation tool

Robot file is a handy tool that has made web admins very easy because people can optimize their websites for Google robots with the help of this tool. The robots.txt file generation tool can produce the file you need by performing complex tasks quickly and free of charge.

How does the robots.txt tool work?

Robots.txt is a file in which we input the sitemap address, showing that search engines have the right to crawl and index all the pages. For this reason, these files are crucial for the website. When search engines crawl a website, they look for the robots.txt file. When this file is detected, search engine crawlers read it and identify files and directories that may block it.

How can the Robots.txt generation tool be used?

All search engines can access your site files by default. Using this file, you can give search engines only access to specific URLs.

Next, you need to go to the step of restricting the directory. The path must contain “/.” Because the path is related to the root, when you want to generate the robots.txt file with the help of this tool, you can upload it to the site’s root directory. If you’re going to explore before using this tool, you can create a sample file to work with it.