Gradient generator tool

With the gradient generator tool, You can create a particular linear or radial gradient between 2 and 4 colors for your website, and by clicking on the “Create Gradient” button, make the CSS code. Also, each time you click the “Random gradient” button, it will choose different colors based on the number of colors and moods selected.

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Final result

Gradient CSS code:


Gradient generator tool and get CSS code

Easily create CSS gradient code for your website.

A gradient is an image of two or more colors slowly fading into each other and producing a range of colors. Generating gradient is complex, especially if you plan to give it unique settings. Of course, some websites provide you with a ready-made gradient code.

Seovisitor designed an advanced tool for generating gradients, with which you can quickly make your gradient codes according to your taste. We must choose at least two colors to create this type of gradient.

Gradient generation tool

The work of the gradient is basically to make a color transition between at least two colors in the form of fading, and it specifies the direction for the movement of the spectrum. When you do not select this feature, it will default to the left dir.

The effect of using gradient in website design

The use of gradient in the background design of the page causes the user’s eyes to move in the image. The audience’s pupil focuses only on one point of the image, and because of this, the change in the spectrum of colors and shades unconsciously directs his eye from one side of the screen to the other. A gradient is one of the best tools to attract your audience, making boring designs beautiful and pleasant.

Apart from the optimal use in the CSS background, you can also use the gradient in the texts. This method is only suitable if your goal is to focus on the text and not the image. Also, in this method, you can choose the background and show the text element with a color gradient to attract users to read the text. This method has attracted a lot of companies for website design.