The importance of typography on the website

The importance of typography on the website

Typography on the web is one of the most essential pieces of information that observing the correct details about its rules can have a great result on the success and development of your website.

Whatever the reason for designing your website, your goal as a webmaster is to increase website traffic. More visitors can drive more sales of your site's products or services. In this article, we want to talk about typography.

Web admins are always looking for ways to attract more users and spend a lot of money on advertising methods such as SEO and advertising on Google. More users also reduce the site's Alexa rank and increase users' trust. Among all the activities done on the website, typography tips are essential.

Introduction to Typography

The words are important. This importance is not only because of the essence they embody but also because of how they look to us. Typography, according to Alan Lipton, is defined in thinking with type as follows:

Introduction to Typography

Typography means what language looks like.

Language has always been symbolic. However, the roots of such signs (the shape of the alphabet letters, which resembled animals, for example) are not evident in English writing. Instead, today we have many abstract symbols that we replicate on screens or monitors.

In general, the purpose of all types of writing, from ancient calligraphy to print animation, invented by the German Gutenberg in the 15th century and used in the printing industry, to the most sophisticated letter-on-screen font software The desktop has been a way to store information.

In other words, how words are written is very important. Because these words need to record information, and anyone who wants to understand that information must retrieve it. Typography, like other aspects of design, has been around for years. Especially since two decades ago, the advent of computers made designers work faster on letters. However, many laws have been around for a long time and are still today.

Typography means what language looks like.


Important points in typography

There are thousands of fonts, and each of them has a feeling and a shape for us. You have to choose the most suitable font for your work.

Headings, subheadings, and first lines of paragraphs should look prominent, and the size of each section should be as important as they are. (For example, the subtitle should not be bolder than the title itself)

Footnotes are often written in letters more minor than the page's text. Because they are less important than the main content of the page, but they contain good additional information.

Decorative elements can draw the reader's attention to a part of the text used, and they are called drop caps, causing the reader's attention to be quickly drawn to the beginning of the text. Quotes are also highlighted outside the main text and are more common in newspapers and magazines. They are often used to draw the reader's attention to a part of an article.

Important points in typography

Importance of spaces

Empty spaces are as important as the text itself. By adding spaces between letters, called kerning, you can create more headlines. You can also adjust line spacing or leading. Increasing this value from the default mode will make your text more readable and easier for site navigation.

Columns are used to make the text on the page better read. Columns are used in newspapers, magazines, and site pages. Easier to read columns that are narrower than wide columns. Of course, the width of the columns should not be too small. If the number of characters in the entire width of the page is small, what will reduce the speed of reading and understanding the content.

There are essential rules in website design. Other rules are often ignored. Web designers are obsessed with creating well-designed pages. But some of them pay enough attention to fonts and usually do not use more than one or two fonts. But in CSS, you can make any changes to the fonts. Although you can have a lot of control over the fonts, this control is not as reasonable as printing. But what you can do in CSS is more than just select one font for the text and another font for the headlines.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are no typographical, spelling, or literary errors. A site with a lot of these errors looks unprofessional. For example, a common mistake is to use the wrong word Copywrite instead of the correct phrase, Copyright.

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