Getting to know the Google Panda algorithm

by Andrew - October 15, 2022

The Google Panda algorithm is one of the most critical parameters for ranking websites in Google results. In this article, we will take a closer look at this algorithm and learn how to optimize our website based on the criteria of the Panda algorithm.

Ways to increase site visits and Google traffic in 2022

by Andrew - July 24, 2022

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Improve Google's position with backlinks traffic

by Andrew - January 20, 2022

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Several suggestions to increase Google traffic

by Andrew - January 13, 2022

Webmasters are always looking for practical steps to increase Google traffic. Increasing Google traffic is very important because it raises the ranking of a website compared to its competitors. In this opportunity, some of the existing methods related to increasing Google's input will be introduced for the awareness of those interested. This article discusses some suggested ways to increase Google traffic that should be implemented using Webmaster Tools or Google Console Search.

What is the significance of Google traffic for site position?

by Andrew - January 06, 2022

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how to check which keyword has more traffic?

by Andrew - December 09, 2021

Actually, you need to know what words are helpful for the site. What words does the audience search for?  And how to find the right keywords? Join us in this article to find the answers to your questions.